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Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition v20

Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition v20

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Streamlined version for basic song creation

FL Studio Fruity Edition provides all the basic features from FL Studio Producer that allow you to create and edit songs. With FL Studio Fruity you can automate clips, record and play MIDI, add FX, bounce audio, time stretch, sample and more. Included in FL Studio Fruity are a range of plug-ins including synthesizers, instruments and effects, allowing you to get creative and experiment with song creation.

What’s new

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of FL Studio, Image Line have jumped straight from version 12 to 20, offering a range of improvements with emphasis placed on functionality and usability. Now users of Mac can also enjoy Fruity Loops! FL supports macOS 10.11 and higher, with native 64-bit application support for Mac VST and AU plug-ins, as well as third party plugins, allowing you to interchange projects between Windows and Mac easily, meaning collaborations with budding producers is easy. New customers can unlock both Windows and Mac versions with one license for the both of them.

FL Studio now supports Time Signatures, allowing for unlimited Time Signature changes at any point in both the Playlist and Patterns. Another new update is playlist arrangements, allowing you to work with multiple versions of your project, saving ideas, sound design and ‘arrangements’. The final major update is Plug-In Delay Compensation (PDC), for faster, smoother working and less latency.

On top of these major updates are also a range of improvements and bug fixes for a faster working experience, as well as updates to 25 of FL Studio’s plug-ins.

Complete music production environment

FL Studio offers a whole host of tools that allow you to create full and professional productions. Included are over 80 plug-ins with instruments, synths and effects covering sample playback, synthesises, compression, delay, filtering, flanging, chorus, reverb, bit-crushing and so much more, allowing you to create virtually any sound in the box. FL Studio puts a plate of instruments and effects right in front of you, and if that’s not enough, it also supports third party plug-ins.

FL Studio’s browser and playlist is one of the most flexible. You can sequence all elements of the project to make a final song, tracks can hold notes, automation, and you can place any data type anywhere and overlay them. Everything you need to mix and master music to a professional standard is included in FL Studio including effects chains, audio sends, sidechain control, advanced automation and more.

Version 20 Updates

  • Support for macOS 10.11 or higher (interchangeable Windows and Mac projects)
  • Unlimited Time Signature changes, independently in both the Playlist and Patterns
  • Playlist arrangements (now work with multiple versions of your project)
  • Plug-in delay compensation, with new added controls for a variety of plug-ins


  • Selection of instruments and plug-ins, with 3rd party plug-in support
  • Multi-touch, MIDI learn, live DJ control, visualiser effects plug-in
  • Automation recording and editing for project and plug-ins
  • Apply real-time audio effects including delay, reverb and filtering
  • Record and play MIDI input recording from keyboards, drum pads and controllers
  • Sequencing and arranging


  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 or later / macOS 10.11 or later
  • Storage: 4GB free disk space
  • RAM: 4GB of RAM or higher recommended
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